The lovingMOMSclass is a community where you can build friendships with other moms and be encouraged by biblically-based teaching and mentoring. We welcome moms with children of all ages!
Hear from the women who attend and support our LovingMOMSclass. Nearly 100 women were in attendance at our most recent gathering; all enjoyed good food, fellowship, and worship of the Lord together.


Can I take lovingMOMSclass more than once?
Absolutely, and many moms do. Parenting is extremely fluid, so something we discussed last year may not have seemed particularly important, while this year it suddenly is. The small group discussions are never the same because every year is a new crop of moms and their growing children. Plus, you will rejoin old friends and also make new ones.
Do I need to be a mom to attend lovingMOMSclass?
The lovingMOMSclass is designed for women that are currently raising children. If you are a foster parent/caregiver/grandparent that is actively raising a child, we would love to have you! However, because of the nature of our small groups, if you are not currently raising a child, we invite you to join one of our Tuesday Women's Studies.
I'm pregnant, can I still take the lovingMOMSclass?
Yes, of course! And, after your baby is born, you'll have so much help and support from new friends, plus you can bring your baby to class with you up to six months old. Bring that baby, in or out of the womb. :)
Do I need to be a member of Catalina Foothills Church to enroll in lovingMOMSclass?
Nope! Whether you attend CFC, attend a different church, or don't attend church at all, please join us. The lovingMOMSclass is open to moms/women caregivers currently raising children or expecting (pregnant or adoption).
Can my friend come after the class has started?
LovingMOMSclass is open for three weeks for moms to enroll. After week 3, our small groups are formed and the class is closed for the rest of the year.
My children are adults and/or I have grandchildren, can I come?
The lovingMOMSclass is designed for women that are currently raising children. If you are a foster parent/caregiver/grandparent that is actively raising a child, we would love to have you! Otherwise, if your children are grown, we invite you to join any of our Tuesday Women's Studies.
Is childcare really free? What's the catch?
We are blessed to receive generous donations and support from our church members, which enables us to offer free childcare with amazing and fully screened workers at no cost to you. However, because our class is very popular, we have waiting lists for childcare every year, especially in the 0-3 year range. To be fair to all the moms on the waiting list, we do expect you to use the childcare you have reserved. Of course, we realize children get sick, but repeated absences or no-shows may cause you to lose your childcare spot. If you are going to miss a class, you must communicate with our Director of Children's Ministry, Heather Bergeron. After two no-show/no-call weeks in a row, she may need to give your spot away to another child on the waiting list. Please communicate all childcare questions/needs/changes directly to Heather.
What age is childcare?
Newborn to age 4. When we say newborn, we mean it! There is no shame here in getting a little break for yourself and our background checked volunteers love rocking little babies! However, if you're not quite ready for that, or you're nursing, then you are welcome to keep your baby with you in class until he/she is 6 months. Or, do a little of both: drop him off when he's fussy, keep him when he's nursing, whatever works for you, we are here to help and care for your kiddos AND you.
More Questions?
Contact Mary Beth Schannep, she would LOVE to talk to you! LovingMOMSclass is sponsored by the Women's Ministry of Catalina Foothills Church. To get involved with other things we have to offer, such as Tuesday morning Bible studies, serving opportunities, or fun, please click on the link below to learn more about Women's Ministry.


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