Sunday Classes

Reading the Bible

Taught by Amy Barker Sundays, at 10:15am
We READ the Bible carefully and deeplyin order to mine the depths of the 'Treasure of God's Word.'Together, trusting the Holy Spirit at work in each of us, we come to new understandings, new ponderings, and most of all new awe and worship of our God.Led by Amy Barker. All are welcome!

Zeros and Heros

A Connect & Community Class Taught by David Carnahan
Sundays, 9-10:15am
We will be continuing through the Old Testament and looking for the gospel in the lives of the characters God highlights for us. This will be a journey of discovery that leads us to deeper relationships with each other and our Creator. Taught by David Carnahan.


Sundays, 10:25am to 11:30am
The Berean Class meets each week from 10:25 to 11:30 in rooms 304-306 (Youth Room). Fellowship time with snacks and coffee starts at 10:10, after first service. Join us as we look into the Archaeology of the Bible, with teacher Don Adams. We explore a new Bible story or event each week and learn how recent archaeological discoveries show that we can trust the Bible as an accurate historical document - and that the Word of God is alive and true. Everyone is welcome to come and participate in this fascinating journey of discovery.
Don Adams
Bereans Class Teacher
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