Begins Thursday, January 20, 2022         9:30 - 11:30 am        10 Weeks Winter 
9:00 - 9:30 social time with snacks and coffee
Cost:  $20 and includes the book.
If the class cost is a burden, scholarships are available. Contact Debbie Graves 
ABOUT THE STUDY:  God of Covenant by Jen Wilkin.  Discover how God orchestrates everything for His glory. There are no minor characters in the story of God. Beginning with Genesis 12, walk alongside the fathers of our faith—Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph—to discern Jesus in the stories of His people. Over 10 sessions, discover how God orchestrates everything for His glory and the good of His people, and see how the God of creation and covenant is the same yesterday, today, and forever.  

FREE CHILDCARE for children newborn thru age 5 is full.  You are welcome to join us for the study and then email Heather Bergeron to see if she has room.   In addition, newborns thru 4 months are allowed to stay with mom in class.


2021-2022 Class is currently underway.   Please consider joining our Loving Moms Bible Study, above.  
Our next class begins September 2022 and runs until April 2023       9:30 - 11:30 am        Two Semesters
Thursdays, September - April with holiday breaks, 24 weeks total
9:00 - 9:30 social time with snacks and coffee
Cost:  $50 for two semesters; includes materials
ABOUT LOVING MOMS CLASS:  You are invited to the Loving MOMS Class, a community where you will build friendships with other moms raising kids and be encouraged by biblically-based teaching and mentoring.   Running September - April with breaks for holidays, it's a fantastic year of building community while becoming better equipped with practical wisdom for moms.  We begin with a large group teaching by Mary Beth Schannep, then you break into your assigned small group to drill down and build relationships with other moms.  We try to group moms based on the ages of their kids, so you can help support one another.  We also host other events with free childcare, such as Moms & Dads Night Out and Loving Moms and Dads Class, where dads can meet other dads and ask questions, too.  

FREE CHILDCARE for newborns and children up through Kindergarten is offered every year but fills up fast, especially in the 0-36 month age range.  


What is the difference between Loving Moms Class and Loving Moms Bible Study?  The Loving Moms Class is for moms who are currently raising children, particularly younger children.  The class follows a 24 week curriculum spanning September - April and has large group teaching and small group discussion, prayer, and support.  We also have additional activities through the year such as park days, date nights, Jesse Tree Ornament Exchange, Loving Moms and Dads Dinner.   The Loving Moms Bible Study is for any woman who wants to take the study, not just women raising children.  It is two separate semesters, one study in the fall and a different study in the winter.  You can sign up in advance for both semesters in the fall, or you can jump in for the winter one.  The study runs at the exact same day and time as Loving Moms Class, so you still enjoy the same fun opening and coffee time with friends, along with the fantastic free childcare we offer.   Childcare fills up quickly in the fall, so many moms choose to enroll for both studies in advance.  I

Do I need to be a member of Catalina Foothills Church to enroll in the class or the study?  Nope!  Whether you attend a different church or don't attend church at all, please come join us.

I've taken the class before, can I take it again?  Of course, yes!  Each year we are in a different stage of parenting and often have new issues we are dealing with.  We find that participants tend to hear and focus on different things each year.  More importantly, our small groups are the true lifeblood of this program, so please come.  You'll meet new people and make new friends!  But, if you're ready for something new, try our Loving Moms Bible Study instead!

Do I need to take Loving MOMS Class before taking the Loving Moms Bible Study?  No, although we really, really, really recommend the class.  Many of the women in the study have taken the class but it is not required.  You could always start with the study and then next year take the class.  God is good!

I'm pregnant but don't have a born child yet.  Can I come?  Absolutely!  Bring that baby, in or out of the womb!  

I have elementary-aged kids, can I come?  Yup!  We try to match mamas in our small groups by the age of their kids, so you will have other mamas to relate to.  Just a quick reminder that we offer childcare only up to Kinder.

I have teens, can I come?  Yes, we would love to have you!  However, while some of our curriculum is universal, other parts of it are geared toward topics related to raising younger children.  The challenges parents face with tweens/teens are different and not specifically addressed in this class, although many of the leaders have raised their children and have some great experience and wisdom.  Or,  perhaps  join us for the new LMC Bible Study!

My children are grown adults and/or I have grandchildren, can I come?  The Loving MOMS Class is designed for women that are currently raising children.  If you are a foster parent/caregiver/grandparent that is actively raising a child, we would love to have you!  However,  because of the nature of our small groups, if you are not currently raising a child, we invite you to join our LMC Bible Study or any of our Tuesday Women's Studies.  

Is the childcare really free, like for real for real?  Yes!  We are blessed to receive generous donations and support from church members.  We are thrilled to be able to offer this service to you at no cost, for the entire year, while still providing carefully screened and background checked staff and volunteers. Because of this, childcare almost always fills up, especially in the birth to age 3 range.   Therefore, all we ask in return is you please use the childcare you have registered for.  Occasionally, a mom will register and then not show up two or three weeks in a row.  We realize things come up and children get sick, so please communicate with our Director of Children's Ministry if you are going to miss a class.  After two no-show/no-call weeks in a row, she may need to give your spot away to a child on the waiting list.  Please communicate all childcare questions/needs/changes directly to Heather.  

What age is childcare?  Newborn through age 5/Kinder.  When we say newborn, we mean it!  There is no shame here in getting a little break for yourself and our background checked volunteers love rocking little babies! However, if you're not quite ready for that, or you're nursing, then you are welcome to keep your baby with you in class until he/she is 3-4 months.   Or, do a little of both:  drop him off when he's fussy, keep him when he's nursing, whatever works for you, we are here to help and care for your kiddos AND you.

More Questions?  Contact Mary Beth Schannep, she would LOVE to talk to you!

Loving MOMS Class is sponsored by the Women's Ministry of Catalina Foothills Church.  To get involved with other things we have to offer, such as Bible studies, serving opportunities, or fun, please CLICK HERE to learn more about Women's Ministry.