Tuesdays, September 13 - December 6
Tuesday Morning Opening 8:45 am:  
coffee, social time, music, devotion, and prayer
Tuesday Morning Studies:  9:30 to 11:30 am  
Tuesday Evening Studies:  6:30 to 8:30 pm


All studies are $15 for the semester and include book or materials.
Registration is online and opens August 12.  
You can also register in person on the first day but we won't have your book available until the following week.  Registering early and online helps us plan and keep our admin and bookkeeping costs down, which enables us keep our Bible study fees low for all women.
Scholarships are available, please contact Debbie Graves


Childcare birth up to age 5 is free but registration for childcare is required by Sept 7.  Registration for childcare must be done online; you will receive the link to do so after you register for your study.  Our childcare workers are carefully screened and background checked, and we follow all state guidelines.  Therefore, we cannot accept walk-ins for childcare.  After 9/7, please email Heather Bergeron about getting set up with childcare.  Please do not bring your children without a reservation.


Coffee/fellowship and childcare drop off begins 8:45.  Studies begin 9:30.
NEW TESTAMENT SURVEY     |     Led by Carole Capen                                               
Besides being a great collection of books by multiple human authors, the Bible as a whole tells a complete story inspired by God. But how did the early believers decide which books would make up the New Testament? Beginning with a study on how our New Testament came to be, the class will look at the typical characteristics of each New Testament book including some of the phrases and characteristics that make each distinctive. We also want to see how they fit together to give us greater insight into God's message of the gospel. Besides familiarizing ourselves with the great truths the books contain, our goal is to narrow down the choices as to which is likely to have a passage we might be looking for.
NEHEMIAH:  REBUILT AND REBUILDING     |     Led by  Bev Bushelman
Nehemiah immerses us in a dramatic story of God's people led by a godly leader at a crucial point in salvation history. With Spirit-led conviction and a deep love for the city of God's people, Nehemiah set out to restore Jerusalem's fallen walls. This historical narrative is one of a community coming together to rebuild despite spiritual turmoil and outside threats. But more deeply, it is a story of our call to live out our faith as we do the daily work set before us. There will be 5 lessons to do at home before coming together each week. Our time together will include an interactive lecture and diving into God's word with the ladies you are sitting with.
LETTERS FROM JESUS: REVELATION 1-23     |     Led by Carol Kettenhofen 
Explore Jesus' letters to the churches in Revelation and how his words apply to the church today. Our study begins with John’s holy visit from the resurrected Christ. We will feel the power, glory, and splendor of our Savior and his faithful love for His people: the true heart of our Jesus. Using the book Seven Letters to Seven Churches, we will dive deep into each of these letters, focusing on the historical story, the Biblical significance, and modern-day application. Our journey will take us into the Old and New Testament, using a study guide with weekly homework. Class time consists of teaching, small group discussion, laughter, love, and prayer time.
WHAT CHRISTIANS BELIEVE     |     Led by CFC Pastors                                               
Theology is for doxology and devotion—that is, the praise of God and the practice of godliness. Theology is important for the Christian life. And though it is marked by many complex terms and doctrines, there is yet the permanent essentials of Christianity. This concise introduction to these essential doctrines distills theological truths so folks new to the faith (and veterans!) can grow to treasure the unchanging pillars of the Christian faith. 


There is no childcare available for evening studies.  Line & Life of Christ study is held off campus.
REFRESH:  EMBRACING A GRACE-BASED LIFE     |     Led by Heather Schultz  
"I feel so overwhelmed."  Do you race from one thing to the next, unable to keep up with all the demands of your ever-growing to-do list? Are you over-committed and over-stretched, but don’t know how to slow down when the world just says to speed up? Is there any hope for rest in a world of never-ending demands?  Drawing on many years of counseling and their own experiences of burnout, wife and husband team Shona and David Murray have written Refresh to meet you where you are. Addressing both body and soul, this book will help you cultivate a grace-paced life that honors the Lord and enables you to serve your family of God for the long haul. Come join us at CFC on Tuesday evenings to be refreshed, renewed, and ready to lead others alongside streams of living water flowing from the Great Shepherd of our souls.
WOMEN IN THE LINE & LIFE OF CHRIST     |     Led by Veralyn Adams  - Off Campus  6:30 pm  
In this study we will examine the lives of several Biblical women who in various ways were connected to Christ. We can relate to these women because they knew what it meant to struggle with the burdens of life. The Bible shows us that through the power of God, ordinary women, like these featured in our study, can live extra-ordinary lives. By looking deeply into their stories, we can learn how to grow in strength and grace no matter what our circumstances might be.  We meet off campus at the home of Lisa Wood, northeast area of Tucson.  The address will be provided after you register.


If you are looking for a study on Thursday mornings, the Loving Moms Class also offers a separate Bible Study, open to all women, not just moms.  It runs for both Fall and Winter semesters.  It's a separate registration, since it's on a different day.  CLICK HERE to learn more about the Loving Moms Thursday Bible Study and register, if you're interested.  Free childcare is available but it fills up fast, so register early!


Our hospitality team arrives earlier on Tuesday and Thursday mornings to help set up the coffee and food, as well as clean up after.  We are looking for more smiling and cheerful people to help with this.  Please email Debbie Graves if interested.  


We close out the Fall semester of studies with our fun Christmas Brunch on December 13 at 9:30 am.  Women taking the Tuesday evening study are welcome to join us for the brunch, we'd love to have you.


Women's Ministry provides opportunities during the year to serve others, such as Cookie Deployment, Dress A Girl, City Serve, or collecting clothes and toys for local women and children in need.   Click here to learn more.