• TUESDAYS   JANUARY  11 - April 12
  • $15 for 12 weeks
  • MORNING STUDIES:   9:30 am - 11:30 am     
  • MORNING OPENING:  9:00 am  coffee & morning snacks, praise music, social time, & devotion  
  • EVENING STUDY:  6:30 pm - 8:30 pm.  No childcare available 
  • IN PERSON REGISTRATION available the first day of class, Jan 11
  • FREE CHILDCARE is available birth - Kinder/Age 5 mornings only
  • CHILDCARE REGISTRATION is required in advance. We cannot accept walk-ins for childcare.  Childcare registration closes Jan 5.  If it is after January 5, please email Heather Bergeron directly.


Bible Survey:  The Old Testament  Part II     Led by Carole Capen  
The Divided Kingdom to the Inter-testamental Period. This study will take an overlook at the history of Judah and Israel including the chronological appearances of the prophets.  It shows God’s love and patience in dealing with His disobedient people.  See how God always protected a remnant of the faithful in spite of wars and captivity, and preserved both the Scriptures and the integrity of the House of David, from whence would come the Messiah’s human roots.
Deepening Your Relationship with the Lord    Led by Diane Kindall
How many of us can honestly say we are continually growing deeper in our relationship with the Lord, and not just our knowledge of Him? Do we know that we can have a relationship with Him, that we can talk with Him, have a dialog with Him, not just a monologue.  We can hear his speak to us through the pages of His Word, and we can spend time with Him in silent wonder, awe, companionship. In this study we will first delve into the lives of Abraham, Moses, David and others who were known for their intimate amazing relationship with the Lord. We will then use what we observe and actively apply it in our own relationship with Jesus.
Philippians Bible Study  Led by Bev Bushelman  
Are you filled with joy? If not…if this less-than-perfect world has robbed you of joy, you must learn the secrets found in the book of Philippians. Twelve weekly lessons with five days of homework for each week, you have a portion of Scripture to read and a set of questions to answer. The epistle to the Philippian church was an intimate letter of appreciation, a thank-you letter that Paul wrote to personal friends who had sent him a gift. In it, Paul—imprisoned and uncomfortable—shares the things that have meant the most to him and the reason for his joy. He knows the Philippian Christians are also being persecuted, so he writes to show them how they can live in victory and have joy in any circumstance.
Rest, Remind, Reflect Study/Discussion                                                Led by Amanda Holland and Judy Velasco
God’s truth invites us to rest in what He has done, reminds us of the truth, and encourages us to live in the light of it. Basing our discussions each week on the Sunday sermon and Scripture reading, we will gather together, meditate on the truth of the good news of Jesus Christ, and share our discoveries and questions with one another. This study can be joined at any time during the semester, since the content is unique each week. It's a great way for new women to get connected.
The Study of Esther     Led by Carol Kettenhoffen & Arlyss Chastain
Come along as we discover we have much more in common with Esther than we ever thought imaginable. In one royal decree, in one instant, this young Jewish girl’s world is turned upside down. A foreigner to the culture, fending to survive and fit in without compromising her faith. Such unusual circumstances, such difficult trying times.  Esther’s transformation from young girl to queen is astounding and her faith is tested to the limits. God’s faithfulness, love and power is demonstrated all through the pages of this story. Each lesson is based on the week’s chapter reading. There is some take-home work. Our time together will consist of prayer, reading and lots of discussion, laughter, and sisterhood.


Tuesday Evening Study        Off Campus    Led by Veralyn Adams
The Book of Daniel is a favorite for Sunday school teachers and students alike.  And for good reason—within its pages are some of the greatest and most exciting Bible stories. Both heroes and bad guys bring cliff-hanging drama and miraculous endings.  But this book is not only about Daniel and his friends.  More importantly, the character of God is revealed. It portrays HIs power and sovereignty not only in this ancient kingdom, but in his ultimate victory on earth.  As we study the first six chapters of Daniel, we’ll learn about who God is—his character, his purposes, and his way of working for the good of his people.   We meet off campus at the home of Lisa Wood.  The address will be provided after you register.


TUESDAY MORNING OPENING:  We begin our Tuesday mornings with social time, coffee/juice bar & food, a short devotion, worship music, and announcements.  This runs from 8:45 to 9:30.  At 9:30 everyone is dismissed to their studies, which typically last until 11:30.
CHILDCARE:  You can register your children when you register for your study.  We cannot accept children without a registration (aka walk-ins) for childcare because we have to be staffed properly for each age group.  If you missed the cutoff for online registration, or if you're jumping in after the study has started, please email Heather Bergeron  ahead of time to see if she has space available for your child.  
REGISTRATION: Links will be posted when they are available, typically at least 4 weeks before a class begins.  After a class has started, online registration closes but you can still email Debbie Graves to see if there is still availability.  We will always make room but some studies "close" after starting because of the nature of the study.  So, please email Debbie for help.
SCHOLARSHIPS:  Nobody will be turned away from any of our studies for lack of funds.  Please contact Debbie Graves.
QUESTIONS?  If there is anything we haven't addressed here, please feel free to email our Director of Women's Ministry Debbie Graves or call her at 615-8500 x 102.  She is happy to help.


We also offer a Bible Study on Thursday morning.  It's a separate registration, since it's on a different day.  If you need childcare, it's pretty full on Thursdays because we have another Moms program running at the same time.  CLICK HERE to learn more about the LMC Bible Study and register, if you're interested.  You do not need to be a mom to attend this study.