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No matter if you’re new to CFC or you’ve been attending for a while, Meet CFC and Exploring CFC is the best way for you to get connected.

Meet CFC

Meet some of our pastors, staff and leaders. Learn about who we are, where we're going, and why you matter!

Meet CFC is the perfect place to begin your journey, whether it’s your first time or you’ve been looking for a way to connect.

Details coming soon!
This is a 5 week Sunday morning class designed to accomplish a few things. Here is what you will experience: What exactly is Christianity? First, this class allows us to help skeptics and/or those coming around who have confusion about Jesus get extraordinary clarity. We take time to explain the four most important things to know about the faith.

What is Church Membership? Second, this class explains what membership is and why we think it matters biblically and practically. For those who want to become members, this class explains everything and gets you set up to move forward if you so choose. Again, membership is completely optional.

Exploring CFC

A class for those ready to make CFC an important part of your story.
How can I get to know such a Big Staff? Third, you will have a chance to hear the story of all of our pastors and ministry staff as well hear from them about what they do at CFC. As well, you will have a chance to get coffee or a meal with a pastor or ministry staff during the week to get to know us more and allow you to ask any questions that may be better suited in a personal setting.

How can I get connected and how can I volunteer? Fourth, this is a big church, we take time to help you practically learn how to make this church feel small and personal. We help you get connected with a group and find a place where you can use your gifts and story to volunteer and help us build a welcoming church for others.
How can I stay informed? Last, think of this class as a way to get thoroughly ‘onboarded’ at CFC. We help you learn who does what, who to call for what, how to get connected digitally with us, how to stay informed of happenings, etc. You will walk away feeling very confident in how to navigate your way around our church.

Details coming soon!

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