the Innocence of Jesus

Oct 15, 2023    Pastor John Stone

Questions on John 18 – Conversation with Pilate

What does it mean to be innocent?

How is the innocence of Jesus revealed in this conversation?

Why is Jesus’ innocence different than our innocence?

Why is Jesus’ innocence fundamental to understanding his work on the cross?

How is Jesus’ innocence reflected in the OT sacrificial system?

What are the barriers in people’s hearts to seeing the reality of who Jesus is?

How does the message of Jesus challenge religion?

Why are the people so angry at Jesus?

How do you see fear of men, or losing your place or even religion blinding you?

How is Jesus intentionally causing his crucifixion?

Why is this crucifixion a joy for us even in its horror?

How does his death fulfill the OT sacrificial system?