Jesus and a Blind Man

Sep 24, 2023    Pastor Rob Pendley

John 9           The Man Born Blind          September 24


I saw the crescent; you saw the whole of the moon. 

                                                               –The Waterboys

I have a brother

When I'm a brother in need

I spend my whole time running

He spends his running after me. –U2


1. Discuss this:

If you recognize your blindness, Jesus will give you sight. (9:39)

If you think you can see on your own, you cannot. (9:39-41)

2. The man was pursued by Jesus twice in the passage. (see vv 1 and 35)

 When in your life have you been keenly aware that Jesus pursued you? That Jesus is persuing you.

Psalm 23: Surely goodness and mercy shall chase me all the days of my life.

3. What condition were you in when Jesus found you? In what ways has Jesus healed you? Where are you still waiting for healing?

4. Do you struggle with the level of needy-ness this passage puts forward?

5. What did it cost the man to become a follower and worshipper of Jesus?

What has it cost you? What is it costing you?  Have you come to see that He’s worth it? He’s worth whatever may come.