A Really Lost Man

Pastor John Stone

Questions on Luke 19

Conversations with Zacchaeus

What is the significance of Jesus choosing to stop and talk to Zacchaeus when he could have

stopped and talked with anyone on the road that day?

What about Zacchaeus made him ‘lost’ or everyone else thought he was lost?

How do you think the judgement of everyone made him feel lost?

Why is it important to feel lost?

How does understanding our sin make us feel lost?

What about Zacchaeus made him feel unreachable?

Who feels unreachable to you and why?

What is the difference in seeing someone truly as a sinner with hope or seeing them as

unreachable and why is seeing them as unreachable unreasonable according to this passage?

What about Zacchaeus response helps us understand he understands the gospel of grace?

What shapes the repentance of Zacchaeus?

How and what do you need to repent about something in accordance with the Bible?

Why does obedience follow grace and not vice versa?