Lost in the Dark: Mary Magdalen Meets Jesus

Oct 29, 2023    Pastor John Stone

Questions for John 20 – Conversation with Mary Magdalen

Describe in detail what you think the followers of Jesus were feeling in this passage?

What are the darkness’s that you have experienced or that you frear?

What does the writer go out of his way to say they had forgotten?

Why is forgetting this so interesting for both Mary and these disciples.

What is interesting about Mary’s statement that ‘they’ have taken his body?

What are some ‘they’s’ that you feel have power over you?

When we blame the ‘they’ what are we saying about God?

Why is it so hard to allow God to run our life?

How does Jesus’ point to the resurrection in this passage?

What is the resurrection for us?

​The world?

Why are we suspicious of this resurrection?

How does the resurrection point to the suffering of God?

Why is the resurrection really our ultimate hope?