Out with the Old, In with the New

Jan 8, 2023    Pastor Rob Pendley

Pastor Rob Pendley speaks from Romans 6:20-7:6

Out With The Old, In With The New January 8


Paul's contrasts are absolute--either one is bound to the law, and hence in the old, outdated covenant that produces only condemnation; or one has "died to that law" and been transferred into the new age of the Spirit and life. -Doug Moo

It would be premature to conclude from Romans 6:14 and 7:4 that the law can play no role at all in the life of the believer…Being dead to the law does not necessarily mean that the believer has NOTHING more to do with the law. -Doug Moo

How long beneath the Law I lay

In bondage and distress;

I toiled the precept to obey,

But toiled without success.

To see the law by Christ fulfilled

And hear His pardoning voice,

Changes a slave into a child,

And duty into choice.

_- William Comper

For Discussion

1. Why is it so hard for some to understand that all people are joined to the law or to Jesus Christ… and not "free"?

2. Why might some get antsy about what they perceive as "'too much talk of grace".

What do you think of the Tim Keller quote:

"If someone says: If thought I was saved totally by grace and could not be rejected, I'd lose all incentive to lead a holy life. Well then, all the incentive you have now is fear of rejection. You are under the law. If you understand that you are accepted, the new incentive is grateful joy and love. That is the right incentive."

3. Sadly, sometimes when someone becomes a follower of Jesus we say:

"She made a decision for Christ." Paul says, "She died to her tyrant husband and now is joined forever to Jesus, who lives forever." Paul describes what happens to a person who becomes a Christian more supernaturally and dramatically. How might Paul's understanding of conversion lead to

greater assurance and power?

4. What is the instrument of our death to the law?

5. Why are some people drawn to the old letter instead of the new way of the Spirit?

6. What does Romans say is the result of being joined to Christ? See the "so that" of verses 4 and 6 and the "in order that" of verse 4.

Other Scripture to consult

-Romans 2:27-29 to see Letter/Spirit contrast Paul uses again in Romans 7

-Galatians 3:23 is parallel passage to Romans 7:4&7 captive language.

--2 Corinthians 11:2-3

-Ephesians 5:25-27

--2 Corinthians 3:5-18 on difference between the Spirit and the letter