Thank you to all who served with us!

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Stock the shop

ACTIVITY:   Triage estate sale crates and possibly price items.   The warehouse is filled with crates from estate sales and donations, which need to be sorted and decide should it be sold in the shop or passed on to another charity, recycle, or dispose? There is some lifting involved.  We will probably triage and price  tools as well. Training provided.  Sales from ALT's shop benefit local Tucson programs, mentioned below.  The shop itself is located in central Tucson, providing easy access to affordable  clothing, housewares, bedding, books, and other items.

AGE: 14 and up. HOURS: 2 - 3

ABOUT:   The ALT supports Tucson with projects like Operation School Bell school clothes and supplies for kids in need, Hooked on Books new books for struggling schools and classrooms, and Assault Survivor Kits for sexual and domestic assault victims.  They also provide things like teddy bears for kids in crisis, or starting over supplies for people attempting to rebuild their lives.  Money donated or generated by their store stays local in Tucson.


Roadside Trash Pickup

ACTIVITY:   Pick up trash and debris along our two mile stretch of roadway on Skyline between Orange Grove and Campbell.  Great exercise and a fantastic family (teens and up) or community group activity.  Safety vests and trash bags are provided.

AGE:  14 & up.  HOURS:  2-3

ABOUT:   CFC has a two-year commitment to keep our assigned stretch of road picked up at least two times per year; we want to do our part to help protect and preserve the beautiful area God has provided for us.  In exchange for our hard work, we receive Adopt-A-Roadway signage on Skyline to let people know we care!


Packing Diaper Packages

ACTIVITY:  We will be helping out the Diaper Bank with sorting and packaging diapers into small bundles for equitable distribution. This is a light activity that can be accomplished sitting down.

AGE:  10 & up.  HOURS 2-3.

ABOUT: The Diaper Bank of Southern Arizona provides baby diapers, period protection, and adult-incontinence supplies to Southern Arizona’s neediest and most vulnerable populations. Working through 40+ partner agencies, these supplies are distributed throughout the region, including over 1.4 million diapers each year. One in four children born in Southern Arizona do not have access to diapers due to economic status.


Outreach with Community

  • 5 volunteers will go out in the GNCC van with a member from GNCC to pass out sack lunches and hand out flyers to the homeless in the vicinity of the church and invite them to church and share the assistance GNCC can offer them. 
  • 10 volunteers go door-to-door in the church's neighborhood with a member from GNCC and hand out information about GNCC and the assistance they can offer -- mainly Jesus and His love for them, and invite them to church services.

AGE:  10 & up.  HOURS:  2-3.   **This project does not begin until 10 am.  

ABOUT:   Planted in the Miracle Mile Neighborhood of Tucson, GNCC is a longtime ministry partner with Catalina Foothills Church.  Miracle Mile is an economically and spiritually depressed neighborhood with families struggling or at risk, with many people  and families in need of encouragement, food, and prayer.


Landscaping/light maintenance

ACTIVITY: We will be working as a group outdoors on various campus cleaning projects, to include trash/debris pickup and weeding. Our efforts will help beautify our collective neighborhood! OGMS has a large campus, so there is lots of space to spread out.

AGE: 5 & Up. HOURS: 3-4

ABOUT: OGMS is directly across the street from CFC and is a valuable neighbor. OGMS is one of two middle schools in the Catalina Foothills School District, educating approximately 685 students each year and employing about 50 faculty and staff.


PRCA South Campus Landscaping

ACTIVITY:  Campus improvement projects: Volunteers will be organized into teams to work on projects including trash pick up, weeding, exterior painting, and staining/waterproofing wood on the garden beds. Children are invited to participate in this project; however, PRCA requests that children 10 and younger work alongside their parents.

AGE:  5 & Up.  HOURS:  4

ABOUT:   Pusch Ridge Christian Academy is a ministry of Catalina Foothills Church.  PRCA South is designed with the same Christian, covenantal, and classical foundation as our existing schools. However, the students at PRCA South will benefit from an additional fundamental element of learning in two languages! This dual-language approach to instruction will not only allow students to learn in their first language but will propel them to be proficient and learn in both Spanish and English throughout their K-12 career.

Springboard Home for Girls

Deep Clean of Springboard Home for Girls

ACTIVITY:  We will gift the girls living at Springboard with a detailed, deep clean of their home, inside and out. The girls do have regular chores and responsibilities as part of their recovery, but the home itself still needs a deep clean once or twice a year, beyond what their normal chores outside of the school time can accomplish.
AGE:  5 & Up.   HOURS:  2-3

ABOUT:  Teen Challenge’s Springboard Home for Girls is a 3-6 month residential shelter for girls ages 12-17 and is licensed through the Arizona Department of Child Safety.  Springboard Home creates an environment of love, grace, compassion, kindness, and peace. Our focus every day is on the lasting transformation of hearts, attitudes, thoughts, habits, and character. During our students’ 3-6 month stay, our goal is to see our students equipped for their maximum potential in their individual cultures at home and in the world.


Bingo with the Elderly

ACTIVITY: Setting up and playing Bingo with the residents of this skilled nursing facility. All visitors must be masked prior to visiting the residence.

AGE:  10 & Up.  HOURS:  2

ABOUT:   Sandstone's services include 24-hour skilled nursing care, short-term rehabilitation, post-hospital recovery, along with specialized programs. Playing Bingo increases mental agility and alertness, exercises hand-eye coordination, and triggers socialization and laughter, which are all vital for healing.

Opportunities to Serve at our Church

Blessing Bags

This project would entail packing up several large ziplock bags as Blessing Bags. The idea would be that people could take one or two bags to have in their cars to hand out as they are driving around town and encounter a homeless person.

AGE: 5 & Up. HOURS: 1

Scripture Cards

Scripture Card Making for Blessing Bags and for those in the military (to put in the cookie boxes for cookie deployment). Write scriptures on notecards for various recipients.

AGE: 5 & Up. HOURS: 1-2


Assembling Beads Bags

ACTIVITY: Packaging beads for hospitalized children. Plan is to package 100-200 bags for distribution at hospitals all over the world, including hospitals in Arizona. Beads of Courage provides very specific protocols on packaging the beads and attention will need to be paid to their instructions.

AGE:  12 & up.  HOURS 2.

ABOUT:  Beads of Courage® is a resilience-based intervention designed to support and strengthen children and teens coping with serious illness and their families. It is the standard of care in more than 300 children’s hospitals worldwide. Through the program children tell their story using colorful beads that serve as meaningful symbols honoring their courage displayed along their unique treatment path.