ACTIVITY:   We will head down to Caring Ministries and help pack and move food boxes, which will be distributed throughout Tucson.  This is a great activity for families with kids, but supervision is required.  Please dress appropriately for working outdoors.  

AGE:  5 and up.   HOURS:  2-3

ABOUT:  Caring Ministries supports local communities by providing food, clothing, and other resources while sharing the love and salvation of Jesus Christ to everyone we serve.  Our Food Bank is open daily for anybody to come get a box of food, plus we provide food to churches all over the city, to distribute into their community.  We get our food from donors as well as we pick up food from grocery chains around the city before it gets discarded.


ACTIVITY:   We will go out in small teams in vans to safely make contact with and deliver sack lunches to the homeless and transient living in the area around Good News Community Church, and invite them to GNCC for worship, Bible Study, or an AA meeting.  Others will go out with a member of GNCC and deliver invitations to the neighbors about worship, Bible studies, and Sunday School for kids at GNCC. Walking door to door or getting in and out of vans is required.  Teams will be divided up and sent out with somebody from GNCC.

AGE:  10 & up.  HOURS:  2-3.   **This project does not begin until 10 am.   

ABOUT:   Planted in the Miracle Mile Neighborhood of Tucson, GNCC is a longtime ministry partner with Catalina Foothills Church.  Miracle Mile is an economically and spiritually depressed neighborhood with families struggling or at risk, with many people  and families in need of encouragement, food, and prayer.  


ACTIVITY:  We will support the family members living at the Fisher House:  the loved ones who are caring for Veterans or Active-Duty personnel receiving inpatient care at the VA Hospital.  Our primary activity will be baking goodies in their kitchen and organizing their food pantry.

AGE:  14 & up.  HOURS:  2-3

ABOUT: The Southern Arizona VA Health Care System (SAVAHCS) Fisher House located on the campus of the Tucson VA Medical Center provides a "home away from home" for loved ones of Veterans or Active Duty personnel receiving inpatient care from the Tucson VA. The home features 16 private suites, each with its own bed and bathroom with a shower. Other amenities include a common kitchen, laundry facilities, spacious dining room and living room with a library. This allows the family to support and visit their loved one in the hospital without the added stress of hotel bills, transportation, etc.


ACTIVITY:   We will spend time with the people recovering from surgery and/or illness at Sandstone Nursing Home, playing Bingo. This is a super fun, intergenerational activity and really brightens their day.  This year, children 10 and up are allowed to play!   MASK & COVID VAX REQUIRED.  (Booster vax not required)

AGE:  10 & Up.  HOURS:  2 

ABOUT:   Sandstone's services include 24-hour skilled nursing care, short-term rehabilitation, post-hospital recovery, along with specialized programs. Playing Bingo increases mental agility and alertness, exercises hand-eye coordination, and triggers socialization and laughter, which are all vital for healing.


ACTIVITY:  You will help sort the variety of items that are donated each day so they can be handed out to those in need of comfort, such as hygiene and toiletry items, clothing, blankets/bedding, etc.  The storeroom can be a little stuffy so wear light clothes.  

AGE:  14 & up.  HOURS:  2-4

ABOUT:   Sister José Women’s Center is dedicated to the care and nurture of women experiencing homelessness in a welcoming and safe environment. Our low-barrier day center provides unaccompanied women who are unhoused with a stable and safe environment to recuperate from the daily struggle of homelessness and extreme poverty. The Winter Night Program provides overnight stays for women who would otherwise be sleeping outside; we provided 7171 overnights last winter. 


ACTIVITY:   Sorting and packing diapers and other baby items at their baby boutique, part of their "earn while you learn" program for moms.  Possibly some light maintenance or cleaning.  

AGE:  10 & up.  HOURS 2-3. 

ABOUT:   In our Christ-centered environment  at With You Tucson Ministries, we embrace, equip, and empower women facing an unintended pregnancy by providing mentorship, education, support, and practical resources from pregnancy through early childhood.  We also offer drop-in hours where women can come for support, conversation, and prayer.  We believe that the obstacles women face with an unintended pregnancy can be overcome with the help of a loving and supportive community.


ACTIVITY:  We will gift the girls living at Springboard with a detailed, deep clean of their home, inside and out. The girls do have regular chores and responsibilities as part of their recovery, but the home itself still needs a deep clean once or twice a year, beyond what their normal chores outside of the school time can accomplish.

AGE:  14 & up.   HOURS:  2-3

ABOUT:  Teen Challenge’s Springboard Home for Girls is a 3-6 month residential shelter for girls ages 12-17 and is licensed through the Arizona Department of Child Safety.  Springboard Home creates an environment of love, grace, compassion, kindness, and peace. Our focus every day is on the lasting transformation of hearts, attitudes, thoughts, habits, and character. During our students’ 3-6 month stay, our goal is to see our students equipped for their maximum potential in their individual cultures at home and in the world.


ACTIVITY:   Triage estate sale crates and possibly price items.   The warehouse is filled with crates from estate sales and donations, which need to be sorted and decide should it be sold in the shop or passed on to another charity, recycle, or dispose? There is some lifting involved.  We will probably triage and price  tools as well. Training provided.  Sales from ALT's shop benefit local Tucson programs, mentioned below.  The shop itself is located in central Tucson, providing easy access to affordable  clothing, housewares, bedding, books, and other items.

AGE:  14 & up.  HOURS:  2-3

ABOUT:   The ALT supports Tucson with projects like Operation School Bell school clothes and supplies for kids in need, Hooked on Books new books for struggling schools and classrooms, and Assault Survivor Kits for sexual and domestic assault victims.  They also provide things like teddy bears for kids in crisis, or starting over supplies for people attempting to rebuild their lives.  Money donated or generated by their store stays local in Tucson.


ACTIVITY:  The exact needs of the school are not known at time of publication, so please just be ready to work on projects such as perhaps painting, cleaning, maintenance, landscaping or gardening, organizing, etc.  This project starts at the location at 8 am.  5951 S. 12th St. 85706.  Do NOT come to CFC first.

AGE:  10 & up.  HOURS:  4

ABOUT:   Pusch Ridge Christian Academy is a ministry of Catalina Foothills Church.  PRCA South is designed with the same Christian, covenantal, and classical foundation as our existing schools. However, the students at PRCA South will benefit from an additional fundamental element of learning in two languages! This dual-language approach to instruction will not only allow students to learn in their first language but will propel them to be proficient and learn in both Spanish and English throughout their K-12 career.


ACTIVITY:   Pick up trash and debris along our two mile stretch of roadway on Skyline between Orange Grove and Campbell.  Great exercise and a fantastic family (teens and up) or community group activity.  Safety vests and trash bags are provided.  

AGE:  14 & up.  HOURS:  1-2

ABOUT:   CFC has a two-year commitment to keep our assigned stretch of road picked up at least two times per year; we want to do our part to help protect and preserve the beautiful area God has provided for us.  In exchange for our hard work, we receive Adopt-A-Roadway signage on Skyline to let people know we care!


ABOUT:  All of the following activities will happen at Catalina Foothills Church, so you will not need to go anywhere.  Many of the activities are suitable for smaller children to help with.  PLEASE supervise your children.  When you are finished with one activity, you are welcome to jump in and help with another, if help is still needed by the project leader.  

11.   Assemble Blessing Bags for the homeless  and vulnerable  AGE:  5 and up.  1 Hour. 
12.   Write/draw Scripture Cards which are given out to homeless, veterans, etc.  AGE:  5 and up. 1 Hour. 
13.  Assemble Encouragement Gifts for teachers and staff at Orange Grove Middle School  AGE:  5 and up. 1-2 Hours
14.  Bake & Pack Cookies for soldiers deployed during Christmas.   AGE: Adults only, because we will be in the commercial kitchen
15.  Prayer Vigil for all City Serve activities, the volunteers and the recipients.  AGE: 14 and up.  1.5 Hours.