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Assistance League of Tucson

ABOUT:  ALT is a non-profit managed by volunteers serving over 5,000 members of our community annually with programs that inspire hope and restore dignity.  Programs include Operation School Bell, which provides new shoes/clothes/supplies to children, Share A Bear that puts a Teddy Bear into the hands of an abused child, Starting Over Supplies that provides basic essentials for kitchen, bath, and bedroom to people starting over in life; or Assault Survivor Kits that give victims clothing to wear home when the police need to keep their clothing as evidence.
CITY SERVE ACTIVITY:  Organizing, sorting, and rearranging donations in our thrift store.  There is some lifting involved.  It's a fun way to learn about the inner workings of a thrift store and how we triage larger items like antique furniture pieces.  We will also relocate books and shelves from one area to another room.  This will involve moving shelves, books, possibly taking up carpeting, and moving items, so some physical strength is needed. Masks required.  AGE:  14 & up

To sign up for Assistance League of Tucson project, look for CS23 Project Stock the Shop

Caring Ministries

ABOUT:  We support local communities by providing food, clothing, and other resources while sharing the love and salvation of Jesus Christ to everyone we serve.  Our Food Bank is open daily for anybody to come get a box of food, as well as we partner with churches all over the city and provide the food for them to distribute into the community.  We get our food from donors as well as we drive around the entire city rescuing perfectly good food from grocery stores that are obligated to throw it out.
CITY SERVE ACTIVITY:  We will gather at their location and help them unload food trucks, pack boxes, organize their food pantry, plus whatever other light assistance they may need around their facility.  Bring water, close-toed shoes, comfortable clothes.  Some lifting of boxes like you see in the photo, but most of the work is not labor intensive.  AGE:  10 & up

To sign up for Caring Ministries project, look for CS14 Food Boxes/Pantry for Caring Ministries

Cookies for Refugees & Homeless

ABOUT:   We have about 400 cookies to bake for two of our City Serve activities:  
1.  A yummy cookie will be wrapped and placed in every sack lunch for the homeless
2.  Cookies will be put out for all the kids at our park day with Tucson Refugee Ministry.  
We need 400 cookies for both TRM and also the homeless sack lunches that will be distributed.  These cookies need to be baked and individually wrapped ahead of time, so we will do this on Friday, September 24 at 9am.  This will take place in our commercial kitchen at CFC, which has liability restrictions.  Therefore, this activity is for adults only.    AGE:  Adults only

To sign up , look for CS1 Cooking Baking

Good News Community Church

ABOUT: Planted in the Miracle Mile Neighborhood of Tucson, GNCC is a longtime ministry partner with Catalina Foothills Church and we have members that have supported them for years by providing tutoring, Sunday school classes, neighborhood evangelism, clothing distribution, and community support. Miracle Mile is an economically and spiritually depressed neighborhood with families struggling or at risk, with many homeless and transient people in need of encouragement, food, and prayer.
1.  Make 200 sack lunches for the homeless in the neighborhood.  This happens in the morning at CFC.  Sign up for CS15 Make Sack Lunches
2.  Go out in teams to distribute the sack lunches to the homeless in the Miracle Mile neighborhood.  Sign up for CS20 Distribute Sack Lunches
3.  Go door to door in teams, inviting people to attend GNCC worship on Sundays, also an opportunity to make connections.  CS21 Invite & Evangelism
AGE:  10 & up

To sign up for any GNCC projects, look for CS15, CS20, or CS21.  

Homeless Blessing Bags

ABOUT: Depending on where you live and work, you may see people panhandling or gathered in camps along the roadside or next to buildings.  Blessing bags can be kept in your car to hand to people while you're waiting for a red light to change, when you notice somebody at the convenience store, or in a parking lot.  It's a loving and kind alternative to cash.  
CITY SERVE ACTIVITY:  Join us at CFC on Saturday to assemble food and comfort items into the blessing bags.  The bags will be available for people to grab and keep in their cars to hand out when a situation arises.  Our goal is to make 100 blessing bags to be shared around Tucson.  AGE:  all ages

To sign up for Blessing Bags, look for CS6 Blessing Bags for Homeless

House of Prayer

ABOUT:  House of Prayer is a small Assisted Living Facility dedicated to helping the elderly population in South Tucson receive the love and respect they deserve.  It serves a very low income community and is run on the love, sweat, and tears of a devoted Christian woman who could really use our help with some beautification and improvement projects.
CITY SERVE ACTIVITY:  From assembling garden boxes to repairing rain gutters, plus whatever other repair projects she may need, we will be there, ready to work. Some handyman experience is helpful, but not required.  Vaccine is not required since jobs will be outdoors, but you must maintain social distance and wear a mask should a resident approach you or if you need to go inside.  AGE:  16 & up

To sign up for House of Prayer project look for CS5 Improvements/Repairs for Low Income Elderly Care Home - House of Prayer

Kindness Rocks

ABOUT:  This fun activity is perfect for any age and is so easy. The goal is simple…to promote random acts of kindness by painting and then leaving happy or inspiring rocks to be found by others.  You can also create a Kindness Rock Garden, where people are invited to leave a rock or take a rock at any time. A simple message of You Matter or Jesus Loves You can change somebody's day for the better.  
CITY SERVE ACTIVITY:  Join us at CFC to paint and decorate kindness rocks, then take with you to leave in your neighborhood, outside stores, in parks, etc.  We will provide quotes and images for inspiration and all the materials to paint and decorate the rocks.  You do not have to be artistic; a simple rock with John 3:16 written on it will do just fine.  AGE:  all ages

To sign up for Kindness Rocks, look for C10 Paint Kindness Rocks

Marist at Cathedral Square Senior Housing

ABOUT:  The Marist at Cathedral Square is one of two beautifully renovated buildings in downtown Tucson that provides affordable apartment homes for low-income seniors 62 and older, along with nutritious meals, caregivers, and a health and wellness program.  We have three activities to support the lovely residents at the Marist:  Shopping for non-perishables, packing food boxes, or writing/decorating cards.
1.  Shop for Food ahead of time with a list we provide, then drop off at CFC on Friday 24th.  We can reimburse your costs if desired.  CS13 Shop for Food Boxes 
2.  Pack Food Boxes at CFC on Saturday 25th.   CS7 Pack Food Boxes
3.   Write/decorate encouraging cards at CFC on Saturday 25th.  CS8 Cardmaking
AGE:  All ages

To sign up for any of the Marist projects, look for CS7, CS8, or CS13

Peter Howell Elementary

ABOUT:  Peter Howell is a public elementary school in the Tucson Unified School District, serving 305 students.  According to 2021 statistics, it placed in the bottom 50% of all schools in Arizona for overall test scores (math and reading proficiency) for the 2018-2019 school year.  The student population is 74% minority (Hispanic).  It is our hope to continue to bless this school and build relationships over time through various serving projects and encouragement to teachers and students.
1. Help beautify their school with some light painting and/or gardening/landscaping projects.  AGE:  14 & up   CS18 Paint/Garden at Peter Howell
2.  Assemble Teacher Appreciation Bags at CFC, AGE:  all ages.  CS9 Teacher Appreciation

To sign up for Peter Howell, look for CS9 Teacher Appreciation or CS18 Paint/Garden

Prayer Walk for Life

ABOUT:  “Again, I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven.  For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them.”  Join us as we pray for women and their unplanned pregnancies outside of local abortion clinics AND local pro-life care clinics, that life affirming choices will be made.
CITY SERVE ACTIVITY:  Partnering with Pro-Love Tucson, we will begin our walk outside Planned Parenthood, praying that hearts and minds be changed and that women would feel empowered and supported choosing life for their preborn children.  We will move along to Choices Chemical Abortion facility, then to Hands of Hope, praying for the volunteers and servants there, working closely with women in crisis.  Finally, we will drive over to Answers for Life Pregnancy Center. 

PRCA Southside School Plant

ABOUT:  Pusch Ridge Christian Academy is a ministry of Catalina Foothills Church.  It is a classically influenced, Christ-centered DK-12 school system.  The mission of Pusch Ridge Christian Academy is to teach our students to become like Christ through a classical, Christian education within a covenantal community.  We are in the early stages of planting a satellite elementary school in South Tucson.
CITY SERVE ACTIVITY:  Corazón Ministries will partner with CFC for this City Serve activity, as the evangelical pastors of this mostly Hispanic community are very excited about being able to offer a Classical Christian school to their students.  We will begin the exciting work demolition, cleanup, removal of debris at the newly purchased PRCA property in South Tucson.  This project starts early at 8 am in South Tucson so will NOT meet at CFC first.  Address will be provided.  AGE:  14 & up
To sign up for PRCA project, look for CS4 Demo/Cleanup at School Plant

Sapphire Nursing Home

ABOUT:  Sapphire Nursing and Rehabilitation Home is 240 bed facility for residents in need of caring, supportive nursing and rehabilitation for cardiac, alzheimers, dementia, hospice and palliative care, among others.  We believe successful rehabilitation isn’t just about getting better, it’s also about enjoying the process within a fully immersive program that nourishes the spirit. 
CITY SERVE ACTIVITY:  Bingo!  We asked the residents what they'd like and they love Bingo!  We will engage and have fun with the residents at their location.  Vaccine and face masks are required.  If you're looking for something fun and interactive with Seniors, this is it!  AGE:  Vaccinated Adults Only

To sign up for Sapphire project, look for CS2 Bingo!

Sewing Veteran Walker Bags

ABOUT: The Southern Arizona VA Health Care System (SAVAHCS) located in Tucson serves over 171,000 Veterans, many of whom are aging and male.  The VA provides quality healthcare to Veterans in an environment of compassion, education & research.  For those requiring assistance with a walker, a walker bag is helpful for carrying their phone, water bottle, crossword puzzles, etc. 
CITY SERVE ACTIVITY:  We will gather at CFC to sew as many walker bags as possible within a 3-4 hour time period.  Since many of the patients are male, we will focus on creating gender neutral or patriotic bags they will be proud to have on their walker.  For those who enjoy sewing and have experience working with sewing machines, please join us.  AGE:  12 & up

To sign up for Walker Bags, look for CS17 Sew Walker Bags for Veterans

Sister José  Women's Center

ABOUT:  SJWC is dedicated to the care and nurture of homeless women in a welcoming and safe environment.  We are a safe haven and the first step to recovery from homelessness.  Our day center provides women with a stable environment to recuperate from the daily struggle of homelessness and extreme poverty.  Our Winter Night Program provides overnight stays for women who would otherwise be sleeping outside;  we provided 1562 overnights last winter.
CITY SERVE ACTIVITY:   Bring your compassion to Sister José Women’s Center and impact the quality of lives of our treasured Guests in practical and meaningful ways.  If you love organizing and sorting, then their clothing/donation facility can use your help.  The space may still be a little warm at the end of September, so dress light!  Close-toed shoes please.  AGE:  14 & up

To sign up for Sister José, look for CS22 Organize/Sort Clothes at Sister José

Skyline Adopt A Roadway

ABOUT: Adopt-a-Roadway is designed to help beautify Pima County by facilitating trash/litter removal along a two mile stretch of roadway.  Volunteers save the county approximately $250 per mile cleaned.  CFC will make a two-year commitment to keeping our assigned stretch of road picked up at least two times per year;  we want to do our part to help protect and preserve the beautiful area God has provided for us.
CITY SERVE ACTIVITY:  We will safely pick up trash/litter/debris along Skyline Road from Ina to Campbell.  Sunscreen, water, close-toed shoes, hats.  Safety vests are provided by Pima County.  (photo shown is not Catalina Foothills Church;  masks are optional).  AGE:  14 & up

To sign up for Adopt A Roadway project, look for CS19 Skyline Roadside Cleanup

Spreading Threads

ABOUT:  Spreading Threads provides gently used and new clothing and items to foster, foster/adoptive, and kinship families in Southern Arizona in order to decrease their financial burden and provide clothing that children feel good wearing.  Our mission is to foster dignity for the children in the foster care system.  
CITY SERVE ACTIVITY:  Unfortunately, we have had to cancel the planned project, not because of lack of willingness, but because the overall scope of the project is much bigger than we first anticipated, one that really should be handled by a professional.  That being said, we encourage you to CLICK HERE to visit their donation page, where they have a wish list of items you can donate and drop off at their facility.  We hope to partner with them on another activity in the future.

To donate to Spreading Threads, click here to visit their website.

Tucson Refugee Ministry

ABOUT: TRM builds bridges between the Church and the vast community of refugees in Tucson, many from predominantly Muslim countries.  TRM facilitates practical ways that Christians can love and serve them in the name of Jesus, while respecting their culture as they assimilate to life in America.  TRM engages and equips God’s people to bring hope to refugees because Jesus loved the foreigner and calls us to do the same.  TRM offers cultural training to all volunteers before they serve.
Park Day with the refugee kids!  Join us at a local park to have fun and engage with refugee kids, and probably also their moms and dads. Soccer, kickball, face painting,'s the perfect family activity.  There is an informative 30 minute cultural briefing before we head out.  Fun for all ages!   CS11 Park Day

To sign up , look for CS11 Park Day

With You Tucson Ministries

ABOUT:  In our Christ-centered environment we embrace, equip, and empower women facing an unintended pregnancy by providing mentorship, education, support, and practical resources from pregnancy through early childhood.  We also offer drop-in hours where women can come for support, conversation, and prayer.  We believe that the obstacles women face with an unintended pregnancy can be overcome with the help of a loving and supportive community.
CITY SERVE ACTIVITY:  With You Tucson Ministries has a Baby Boutique and Donation Center where moms can get items they need for themselves, their babies or children.  We will head down to their facility to organize and sort for them.  AGE:  10 & up

To sign up for With You Tucson, look for CS16 Organize Donations for Pregnant & Single Moms