Women's Bible Studies

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Tuesday, January 16 - April 10, 2018

Morning: 8:45 - 11:30 a.m. Evening: 6:00 - 7:30 p.m.

Nursery & Preschool Program is Available (6mos-4yrs)
Newborns through 5 months stay with moms in class. 
(Nursery & Preschool Program is limited and is based on a first come first serve basis, so register early)

Nursery and Preschool Program for 6 mos. to 4yrs (Morning studies only) Please email Amanda@cfcpca.org or Stacie@cfcpca.org for questions. Space is limited so register fast!

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Tuesday Morning Bible Studies

Jesus as Seen Through the Heart of John

Jesus—Our God, Savior, Lover, Friend, Intimate Companion. The book of John is all about relationship...Jesus’ relationship with us and our relationship with Jesus. What does it truly mean to know Jesus; to experience Jesus; to experience Jesus in the Biblical sense? Who is Jesus? Come walk with John as he introduces us to the Jesus he lived with, observed and deeply loved. Cost $10.00 Leader: Diane Kindall

Real Life Discipleship, By Jim Putman

This Bible study/training course will equip you from a Biblical perspective of the necessary components of discipleship. This course will help you develop the heart of a discipler by learning what a disciple is, how disciples grow, and how to be an intentional leader. Daily lessons (5/week) to be done at home with a large group discussion and lesson Tuesday mornings. Cost $25.00 Leader: Bev Bushelman


A study of selected Psalms. Join us to learn more about God through His book of Psalms. We will study praise, prophetic, penitential, inspirational and comforting Psalms. Cost $10.00 Leaders: Dorothy Moore & Susan Stroble

Hebrews Part II (Registration limited)

Beginning with reference to Melchizedek, Hebrews shows how God prepared the way for the Jews to see in Jesus a priesthood and sacrifice that fits his plan. That explanation leads up to the point of the whole book. It is only by faith that we or anyone in the past is acceptable to God. The great heroes of faith put it all in perspective. After assuring us that hardships can be endured by God’s grace, the author finishes with practical exhortations for them and for us. Cost $10.00

Leader: Carole Capen

None like Him, by Jen Wilkins

God is self-existent, self-sufficient, eternal, immutable, omniscient, omnipotent, sovereign, infi-nite, and incomprehensible. We’re not. And that’s a good thing. Our limitations are by design. We were never meant to be God. But at the root of every sin is our rebellious desire to possess attributes that belong to God alone. Calling us to embrace our limits as a means of glorifying God’s limitless power, this book invites us to celebrate the freedom that comes when we rest in letting God be God. Cost $15.00

Leader: Jenna Henninger


Tuesday Evening Studies (6:00pm - 7:30pm)

2 Timothy 8, by John Stott - 6:00 pm

And the apostle summons us , as he sum-moned Timothy, to be strong, brave and steadfast. In this way John Stott summarizes the message of Paul's second letter to Timothy, a letter about leadership and responsibil-ity. The inductive studies in this guide speak to all who would stand for Christ in a world of slippery, relative truth. Cost $12.00

Leader: Tina Hast

Esther (6:30)

Join us for a study of the book of Esther as we dig deep in the scriptures to explore God’s presence and power. We'll discover how He uses ordinary people in a desperate situation to protect and save His chosen, captive people. Although the Lord’s name is never men-tioned in this book we will see how He is ever present and in control of every detail, accom-plishing His perfect will, in this biblical account and in our lives as well. Call: 790-5559 or 722-7744 for directions. Cost:$5.00

Leader: Veralyn Adams

Scholarships are available. Contact Debbie Graves, Women's Ministry Director at debbie@cfcpca.org or (520) 615-8500 ext.129 for more information.

Nursery and Preschool Programs Information

Nursery and Preschool Program for 6 mos. to 4yrs (Morning studies only)  Please email Amanda@cfcpca.org or Stacie@cfcpca.org for questions. ONLINE REGTSTRATION ONLY, beginning Sunday, December 17 at 10:30 am www.cfcpca.org. Space is limited so register right away!