Women's Bible Studies

January 17 - April 11 2017  //  8:45am - 11:30am

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Tuesday Morning Bible Studies

GIGGLES Cafe at the Opening

Join us at the G.I.G.G.L.E.S. Café (Girls in God-Growing, Loving, Eating & Sharing)—share life, love, snacks and a cup of coffee. The Opening is a time of announcements, worship and prayer along with a short message. After which we are dismissed to class for an approximate 2 hours of discussion and study.


Leader: Hannetje Pieterse & Diane Bassett
Cost of materials: $5.00

Francis Chan teaches how true faith produces fruit. A faith without action and without life change is ultimately a dead faith. The book of James speaks to the realities of a living faith in Jesus—the kind of roll-up-your-sleeves and get-your-hands-dirty discipleship that is borne out of an authentic relationship with the risen Lord. James writes to believers who know suffering, who've faced trials, and who ultimately desire a deep relationship with God. 

To Live is Christ

Leader: Diane Reilly
Cost of books: $20.00

(The Life and Ministry of Paul) by Beth Moore – More than any other person, Paul provides us an example of sold-out servant hood. He understood what it means to die daily, crucified with Jesus Christ. As a result, Paul shows us how to live fully as a bond servant to Christ. As you study the Book of Acts and the Letters of Paul, you will come to know the characters personally. Most of all you will feel the challenge to follow Paul's example just as he followed the example of Christ.

Celebrate Recovery (CLOSED) Waiting List/Fall 2017

Leader: Christi Guion & Heather Choi
Cost of book: $20.00

A Biblical and balanced program that can help you overcome your hurts, habits and hang-ups. Celebrate Recovery utilizes the biblical truth that we need each other in order to grow spiritually and emotionally. It is built around small group interac- tion and fellowship of a caring community. By working on the 8 principles based on the Beati- tudes you will experience true peace & serenity and a safe place in which to share your experiences, strengths & hopes with others.

I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Athiest

Leaders: Janice Ladd & Shirley Dornberg
Cost of books: $25.00

Dr. Frank Turek offers the most current evidence for the Christian Worldview and answers the most common objections asked by atheists and skeptics. In an informative and entertaining way, Frank uses logic, science and hard historical evidence to show why the Bible is true, and why it takes a lot more faith to be an atheist than a Christian. This semester will focus on the second half of this book and the last 5 DVDs from his DVD series, and will be accompanied by a workbook. This apologetics class will deal with the topics “Are Miracles Possible?” and “Is the New Testament true?” Book: $12.00. Study Guide: $13.00. Both books are recommended. Open to those who did not attend last semester, as the material can stand- alone.

Prayers of the Bible

Leader: Dorothy Moore
Cost of books: $20.00

The Lord's Prayer is known by all but few know the apostles' prayers. Come and study these hidden gems that are scattered throughout the New Testament and then pray them for yourself and your family. Come and learn from Author and Teacher Dorothy Moore as she walks you through this unique study about the Apostles prayers.


Tuesday Evening Studies

1 & 2 Thessalonians (On campus at 6:00pm)

Leader: Tina Hast
Cost: $10.00

Author John Stott teaches how Christ has died. Christ is risen. Christ will come again. For centuries Christians have proclaimed these central truths. The gospel that began in space and time will ultimately be fulfilled at Christ's return. And as we wait and long for Christ's return, this gospel gives us encouragement and a reason for hope. These studies in Paul's letters to the Thessalonians open our minds to the truth, lift our hearts to hope and cause us to worship our faithful, victorious God. John Stott is one of the world's leading and most loved Bible teachers and preachers. In this guide you can explore Scripture under his guidance, enhancing your own in-depth study with insights gained from his years of immersion in God's Word.

Romans (Off campus on the North-East Side at 6:30pm)

Leader: Veralyn Adams
Cost of materials: $10.00

This could be the most important letter that you will ever read. It is Paul’s masterpiece--a full explanation of the gospel, and clear instruction as to how we should live out our faith. The intent of this study is to help us discover more of the incredible riches of God’s Word, to apply what we learn in real and tangible ways so that we become more mature in our walk with the Lord. Located at the home of Lisa Wood. 

For more information, contact Jenna - jennahenninger@hotmail.com

Scholarships are available. Contact Debbie Graves, Women's Ministry Director at debbie@cfcpca.org or (520)615-8500 X 129 for more information.