Vision & Mission


Our mission at Catalina Foothills Church is to love God, love others, and make disciples.


The vision of Catalina Foothills Church is to deploy a thousand children, students, working and retired adults as irresistible disciples in the community and world, each and every one committed to be a disciple to make disciples.

Catalina Foothills focuses upon several essentials for every child, student, and adult:

“Everything begins and ends with Christ.”

“Grace changes everything.”

 “The Bible shapes life.”

“Love is the greatest display of Christ’s reality.”

“Disciples make disciples.”

“Everyone is on mission.”

A disciple surrenders everything to Christ. A disciple is saved, sustained, and continues to live by grace. A disciple turns to the Bible for every aspect of life so that he or she becomes like Jesus. A disciple behaves in—and acts for—loving relationships. A disciple can actually name another person(s) in whom he or she is building up in Christ. A disciple can also name a specific ministry in which he or she is seeking to bring others to Christ for salvation. A disciple serves and leads somewhere like Jesus.

Our Approach to Ministry

Only God creates spiritual growth according to His grace. Our approach to ministry is to create stimulating “environments” for all ages through which Christ accomplishes His transforming work. We focus on worship, discipleship, missional outreach, and care ministries for all ages. We structure everything to align with this strategy.

Reaching Our Community

We aim at transformation deep within the heart of a Christian, yet broad enough to engage people in far-reaching outreach opportunities. CFC wants to partner with other churches to exponentially deploy children, students, men, and women into the city so that our Christian presence makes a welcome difference to the life of Tucson. We are currently involved in new churches and service ministries in Germany, Vietnam, Tucson, and other parts of the world.

Catalina Foothills also envisions a strong Christian education community in Tucson through Pusch Ridge Christian Academy.