Uganda Mission Trip Leaves June 10th!

Thank you CFC

You guys are awesome!  In just one week we collected all the volleyballs, nets, and LEGOS we hoped to bring to Uganda in June. If you bought something but haven't brought it in yet, please leave it either at the Welcome Desk on Sunday or at the Church Office no later than Sunday, May 26th so we have time to pack it. Thank you so much for all your generous hearts!

A small team from CFC is departing for Uganda on June 10th. First and foremost, we covet your prayers.

The focus of the trip is to visit and identify newly started Christian schools, spend time with their teachers and students, and see how CFC can best support their growth moving forward. We hope this is the first of many short term mission trips to Africa.

In addition to spending time with the students and teachers of newly identified Christian schools, we will spend two days with the beloved children of the African Children's Choir at their primary school in Entebbe. These are the very same children that were just here performing for us last September! Some of you even had the amazing opportunity to host these beautiful children in your homes. Now that they are finished touring, the children live and learn at the African Children's Choir Primary School.

Here is a picture of Cali Pomonis with the girls she hosted in September.

with cali

We asked the ACC if there is anything we can bring with us and they replied that the children would really love to have volleyballs, volleyball nets, and LEGO's. We inquired about buying the items in Kampala, so as to support their local economy, but they said the items are either hard to find OR the quality is not consistent. So, we will bring what the team can carry in our luggage.  

In addition, we will bring some dresses from CFC Women's Dress A Girl ministry. Thank you to Sandy Woods and all the women who participate in that ministry for offering some dresses to us, which will be distributed to girls in need.



PRAYERS.  Please pray for our safety, that there will be no stressful delays or complications, no illness or injury, and that God will be glorified in all that we do.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Jill Reilly and her 16-year-old daughter, Alexa


Cecie Davenport, pictured with her husband, Deron 


Robyn Pomonis and her oldest daughter, Becka, age 25, pictured also with Cali.Mom Becka Cali 2019