What if God is for Us?

Apr 16, 2023    Pastor John Stone

Sermon Questions on April 16th Romans 8:31-39 

What are the ‘these things’ that Paul is referring to that Paul is writing about here? 

Or How does understanding the these things help us understand the passage here. 

How does Paul relate understanding what God has done to our having faith in Christ or growing in faith in Christ? 

How does the work God did for us with his son help us trust him? 

What conviction grows in us as we grow in faith? 

In what ways is it easy to confuse looking at our works instead of looking at God’s work for us? 

What does it mean to bring charges against someone? 

Who in your life tends to bring charges against you? 

Why is it that no one can bring any charge against you? 

What does it mean that Jesus is interceding against for us? 

What does intercession look like?  

On what basis is Christ interceding for us. 

Why does he say we are more than conquerors? 

How is it true that we are more than conquerors? 

When will we have the fullness of the victory we have as conquerors?