Church is _______

Jul 16, 2023    Pastor Rob Pendley

Romans 16 |  “Church Is __________” | Catalina Foothills Church | 07162023


About Phoebe carrying the book of Romans: “Never was there a greater burden carried by such tender hands. The theological history of the church through the centuries was in the manuscript which she brought with her. The Reformation was in her suitcase. The blessing of multitudes in our day was carried in those parchments.” --Donald Gray Barnhouse

Heterogeneity is of the essence of the church since it is the one and only community in the world in which Christ has broken down all dividing walls. The vision we have been given of the church triumphant is of a company drawn from ‘every nation, tribe, people and language’, who are all singing God’s praises in unison (Rev.7:9ff.). So, we must declare that a homogeneous church is a defective church, which must work penitently and perseveringly towards heterogeneity. –John Stott

For Discussion

1.) Take time to think about the names of people who God has used to deeply encourage you. Briefly tell one another about one or two.

2.) Take time to think about the names of people who God has graciously encouraged through you. Briefly tell one another about one or two.

3.) Is your relational world deeply imbedded with other Christians to whom you aren’t biologically related?

4.) When did you realize (and “today” is an acceptable answer!) that church is a place and a people who know you, and you know them?

5.) Have you been guilty of dismissing the value of supernatural diversity because of how it is talked about in our culture? What does repentance look like for you?

6.) Who are you connected to through Christ who you would never be caught dead with if not for the Christ-connection?

7.) Do you see that Paul and the early church thought doctrine was important?

8.) Reflect together on the idea of Christ as the great serpent crusher.

Other Scriptures to consult:

Genesis 3    Galatians 1