A Remnant, Chosen by Grace

May 14, 2023    Pastor Rob Pendley

Romans 11:1-15    Catalina Foothills Church      May 14, 2023


The fact that God will have mercy on whomever He chooses is an incredible thing. In the early chapters of Romans we see our sinfulness and rebellion. In fact, throughout Scripture, we witness mankind’s willful disobedience, even fist-shaking hatred of a Holy God. No one, even the elect, deserves His grace….The point is not in God’s overlooking of some but in His mercy toward anyone at all.          --RC Sproul

We must remember that “hardening” (Romans 11:7) does not necessarily mean bitterness, wrath, and hostility toward Christianity per se. It does not necessarily mean harshness. A hardened person is someone who is completely obtuse to the gospel of free justification and adoption. –Tim Keller


1. What do you make of the points made about Romans 11

           Salvation has NEVER been of everyone: whether Israel or the Church


           Salvation has NEVER been no one.

           Salvation has ALWAYS come to some. (Elect, remnant)

           Salvation has ALWAYS been:

                       - by the mysterious election of God, not our wisdom or “openness”

                       - by grace, not merit

                       - by faith, not works


2. Are we, the church, creating a community that is the fulfillment of what God had called Old Testament Israel to be? What is your part in that?

3. Are you familiar with (and have hopefully rejected) any of these non-biblical teachings?

            -- God has 2 covenants; 1 for saving Gentiles and one for saving Jews

           -- Jewish people don’t need to be reached with the gospel, they are “safe” by virtue of bloodline

           -- Jewish people are beyond the reach of the gospel.

On that note: Are there people you think are beyond God’s reach---that He has given up on? How will you seek to undermine this attitude? How will you pursue rejecting this lie? Can you, with the Apostle Paul basically say, “If God can save me, he can save anyone.” ??

Other Scripture

Matthew 11:15                      Romans 9-11 in one sitting