Sovereign God, Sacred Evangelism

May 7, 2023    Pastor Chad Turner


Romans 9.14 - 10.17

Reread these quotes... what hits homes when you read and ponder this?

“If the spiritual destiny of all people is fixed and certain, why evangelize, why pray ... If God has eternally

decreed that you should live, what is the use of your breathing? If God has eternally decreed that you

should talk, what is the use of opening your mouth? If God has eternally decreed that you should reap a

crop, what is the use of sowing the seed? If God has eternally decreed that your stomach should contain

food, what is the use of your eating? In order to educate us, God demands that we should use the means, or

go without the ends, which depend upon them. There are plenty of fools who make the transcendental

nature of God an excuse for neglecting prayer ... but of all the many fools in the United States, there is not

one absurd enough to make the same eternal decree an excuse for not chewing his food or for not

voluntarily inflating his lungs”

- A.A Hodge

“When you pray for unconverted people, you do so on the assumption that it is in God’s power to bring them

to faith. While we must always remember that it is our responsibility to proclaim salvation, we must never

forget that it is God who saves. God saves in His own time, and we ought not to suppose that he is in such a

hurry as we are. We are to order our lives in the light of his law, not our guesses about his plan. So far from

making evangelism pointless, the sovereignty of God in grace is the one thing that prevents evangelism from

being pointless. For it creates the possibility -- indeed, the certainty -- that evangelism will be fruitful. We

need to press our conscience on this question: Which matters more -- our reputation or their salvation?”.

J.I. Packer

GOD CHOOSES SALVATION. Reread 9.14-16. John 6. Acts 18

How is God’s Sovereignty over Salvation our only source of courage?

How does the knowledge of God’s sovereignty affect your prayer life?

Is the truth God saves sinners comfort to you? Or an excuse not to share the gospel? Why?

GOODNESS AND RIGHTEOUSNESS. Reread 9.30-10.4. Acts 17.31. Romans 1.16-17

Before today, did you realize the difference between goodness and righteousness? Explain.

Why is righteousness one of, if not the most significant word in the Bible?

How is one made righteous before God? Is there any other way or path?

Will God be fluid with salvation? Will he bend for the truly sincere or good?


How do God’s Sovereignty and our Evangelism work together?

What is the biggest reason behind why you don’t build relationships with the lost and/or share the gospel

with them?

Are you patient in evangelism or do you feel the urgency to convert people right now?

Why would evangelism be pointless if God wasn’t sovereign over salvation?