Fall Bible Study

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Fall Bible Study

Begins:  Tuesday, September 10th, 2013 

Morning & Evening Studies available

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<h2 “morning”>Morning Classes


Tuesday Morning Schedule

  • 8:30 -     9:00  a.m. Grace Café
  • 9:00 -     9:35  a.m. The Opening
  • 9:35 -   11:30  a.m.  Bible Study Classes
  • 8:30 -   11:30  a.m. Childcare  (by Registration Only!)


Join us in the Sanctuary before Bible Study for Grace Café—sharing life, love and a cup of coffee. The Opening is a time of refreshments, worship and prayer along with a short message. After which we are dismissed to class for an approximate 2 hours of discussion and study.


Isaiah – The Lord Saves  (1 Semester)

Come dive in with us as we continue with the second half of the book of Isaiah (no need to have studied the 1st half with us, you’ll be able to jump in!) This study of Isaiah enables the reader to grow in the knowledge of the One who reveals himself as the Lord of Hosts. We will be employing some twists on our use of Kathleen Nielson’s book this time around in order to lighten the work load and increase the application.  Her study helps students understand the historical context in which the book of Isaiah was written, presenting lasting truths in their original setting. She points the eyes of the reader forward to the promised Messiah and encourages personal application of timeless biblical truths. Isaiah: The Lord Saves will be enjoyed and appreciated by anyone who is serious about understanding the message of Isaiah.  Cost for materials: $12.00.

Leaders:  Jenna Henninger and Dorothy Moore


Matthew (2 Semesters)

Matthew, the gospel many believe was composed in Hebrew, provides a natural transition from the Old Testament to the New.  It is pretty Jewish in nature—it repeatedly points out fulfillments of OT prophecy and uses many fun Hebrew stylistic devices.  At the same time it is the gospel that comes down hardest on the Pharisees and the Zealots then contrasts the positive responses of Gentiles with the skepticism of some Jews.  Righteousness is one of the key words, yet the righteousness Matthew preaches is not the righteousness of the law but the righteousness that comes from a correct interpretation of the law – mainly appropriating the righteousness of God– in a word, finding grace. Cost for materials: $5.00 (first semester).

Leader: Carole Capen


Loving Your Husband  (1 Semester)

Twelve guidelines toward a more intimate marriage.  How can you be a godly woman and wife in the context of an imperfect world?  How is God’s Word relevant to the challenges and temptations you face?  Cynthia Heald answers these questions and encourages you in this lifelong process. As she leads you through key Scripture passages, you’ll learn 12 ways to apply biblical truth to the personal joys and struggles of your marriage.  Cost for materials: $10.00.

Leader:  Mary Beth Schannep


A Heart to See Forever  (1 Semester)

Discover the power of seeing life from God’s point of view! Are you in need of a fresh, new view of life? Have trials and tribulations distorted all sense of proportion, and clouded your point of view? If so, then God’s eternal perspective will encourage you and give you hope in the midst of circumstances. Discover how to see all of life from God’s point of view, find out how an eternal perspective helps you endure and overcome in the crucible of a trial, learn how an eternal perspective affects how you live in the present and reflect on keeping your focus on the eternal rather than the temporal. Catherine’s gentle guidance and encouragement will take away any fear you’ve ever had about the book of Revelation, and will open your eyes to all that God has in mind for you. The daily personal devotions will open up this book for you, introducing you to the person of eternity – Jesus Christ – the Son of Man, the Lamb of God, the Shepherd, and the Bright Morning Star. You will study the promise, person, message, challenge, place, and hope of eternity. Come along with us!  DVD Lectures. Cost for materials: $20.00.

Leader:  Diane Bassett


Celebrate Recovery   (2 Semesters.  Class limited to 10)

A Biblical and balanced program that can help you overcome your hurts, habits and hang-ups. Regardless of what has already happened, the solution is to make wise choices now and depending on Christ’s power to help make those changes.   By working on the 8 principles based on the Beatitudes you will experience true peace & serenity and a safe place in which to share your experiences, strengths & hopes with others. Cost: $20.00.

Leaders: Heather Choi and Tina Hast


Grace – More Than We Deserve, Greater Than We Imagine (1 Semester)

We talk about Grace as though we know what is meant by Grace. Max Lucado asks much deeper questions. Have you been changed by Grace? Shaped by Grace? Strengthened by Grace? Softened by Grace? Grace is the voice that requires us to change and then gives us all we need to pull it off. Be certain that grace gets you. We can learn to accept God’s grace and give it to others! God’s grace in us should be apparent to others.  Book and Participants Guide needed. Cost for materials: $25.00.

Leaders:  Marilyn Young and Sally Moore



Evening Classes


The Parables of Jesus   6:00 p.m. (1 Semester)

Jesus’ parables are short stories which teach a moral or spiritual lesson by analogy or similarity.  They are often stories based on the agricultural life that was intimately familiar to His original first-century audience. Some aspect, such as the kingdom of God, was compared to something from everyday life.  It is the lesson of the parable that is important to us.  The story is not important in itself.  We will look at interpretations by R. C. Sproul, James M. Boice as well as our own.

Cost for materials: $15.00

Leader:  Ellen Montijo


Trophy Child 6:30 p.m. (1 Semester)

Saving Parents from Performance…Preparing Children for Something Greater than Themselves.

Parenting is not a sport and our children are not trophies!  Are we trophy collectors? Ted Cunningham understands the traps of performance and perfection that so easily ensnare parents’ motives. It is easy to misinterpret love…especially in parenting.  As we learn, we pass on the knowledge and experiences to each other in love, grace and kindness.  The goal and purpose of this class is not to create guilt and fear, but to encourage and give hope. Our prayer is that you get a spiritual check on your parenting motives and remove your guilt-prone tendencies. Your guilt-prone parenting days are over! We will have discussions, practical exercises and most of all…learn from what God is teaching us through His Word. Allow the Holy Spirit to call you by name and allow the Lord to give you a fresh vision for your son or daughter or grandchild! Cost for materials: $10.00.

Leaders:  Hannetjie Pieterse and Amy Dunmyre



For further information on our classes

Please contact Susan Stroble at:  slstroble@yahoo.com or 269-1866




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