Character Studies of Moses: Week Three

Moses Remembered God



Exodus 19,20; 32


Then finally, Moses remembered the God who promises. This was perhaps his most important demonstration of his faithful service to the Lord.  God had proposed to Moses that he not go up in the midst of Israel because he might destroy them on the way. But Moses would have none of this.  Moses realized that if God did not go up in the midst of Israel, Israel would cease to exist as God's people. The only thing, Moses realized, that distinguished Israel from the nations was the very presence of God.  And if God did not go up with his people, his people would be no longer. Israel would simply be like the nations. And God was pleased with Moses' request and agreed to do that which he asked.


After this, Moses showed his utter faithfulness to God by asking Him to show his glory to Moses.  Moses not only wanted God to be with Israel, but also he wanted to see God's glory.


Reflection: There is no greater request one can make of God than to see his glory.  Here we see the absolutely impeccable heart of Moses. His one desire was to see the glory of God.  And he said to him, “Now show me your glory.” It doesn't get any better than this. Moses did not simply want the blessings of the promises of God; He wanted God himself.  He wanted God more than all God had provided. He wanted the God who promises more than the promises of God because he knew that knowing God was the greatest and indeed dare we say it, only blessing worth wanting.  The blessing of knowing God and seeing his glory trumps all other blessings. The blessing of knowing God through the gospel of Jesus Christ trumps all other blessings. If a man finds the pearl of the gospel, he sells every other thing to obtain that pearl of the gospel.  Moses, wanted to see the face of God, and he did so; for he appeared on the Mount of Transfiguration with our Lord Jesus Christ. And He saw his face.


Dear friends, if you want to be a faithful servant of God, pray this one thing: God show me the glory of Jesus and let me see him face to face one day. Do whatever it takes in my life that I may see the glory of Jesus and behold him face to face.  And if that is the overriding prayer of your heart, God will make it so. To Moses he said, “You cannot see my face and live.” And though we cannot see the face of God, we can remember the God who promises Jesus and look forward to the day when we shall see his face and therefore see the face of God for if you have seen Jesus, you have seen the Father.


Amen and Amen.

Nick Muller, MDIV, PhD

Pastor Winston Maddox