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Buy A Chair Campaign

Why the Remodel?

After over 13 years our place of worship is in need of some repair. There are many place where the facility is simply worn out and some areas that are safety concerns. As a matter of responsibility to we're taking this as an opportunity to not only fix these issues but as an opportunity to refresh the building.

Project Vision Statement

  • To update the Church to a classic and timeless design by implementing a warm and neutral palette.
  • To make a more inviting and inclusive atmosphere to the most used rooms in the building.
  • Upon completing this project the Sanctuary and Narthex will never need another comprehensice design caused by outdated styling.

  • I (we) want to be a part of contributing to the Buy-A-Chair Campaign:

  • Price: $100.00 Quantity:
  • Price: $1,000.00 Quantity:
  • $0.00


Q. What is the Buy-A-Chair campaign?

A. Buy-A-Chair is a way for everyone in the church to be able to participate in the remodeling and refurbishing of the sanctuary.


Q. What is the purpose of this campaign?

A. The purpose of the Buy-A-Chair campaign is to pay for the remodeling and refurbishing of the sanctuary. This project was made possible through the sale this spring of 10 acres of land which had been donated to the church 3 years ago. $75,000 of the proceeds from this sale was made available for the remodeling and refurbishing of the sanctuary. As many people have expressed a desire to participate in remodeling and refurbishing of their church, the Buy-A-Chair campaign allows them to do just that.


Q. How much is the goal?

A. The total cost of the remodeling and refurbishing of the sanctuary is $160,000. $75,000 of that has already been met from the sale of the land, so our goal is to raise $85,000 through the campaign.


Q. Do the chairs really cost $100?

A. No. The chairs actually cost $60 each, but the idea of “buying a chair” is that eachchair is used as a means to measure our progress in fund raising. Think of it this way: If there are 850 people attending church almost all of them sit in a chair. If each person buys a chair for $100 we’ve reached our goal of $85,000. However, we know not everyone can afford $100, but there might be some who can afford multiple chairs. We trust you to give as the Lord leads you.


Q. All the remodeling is done and the new chairs are in. Hasn’t everything been paid for?

A. Yes. The Session, acknowledging the desire of people to contribute to the beautification of our church and having faith that the remaining amount would be donated, advanced the monies from the General Fund.


Q. What happens if we raise more than the goal amount?

A. We can all praise the Lord for His bounty and goodness to us. Monies over and above our goal could go to the General Fund or be used to meet other physical needs of the church.


Q. What is happening with the old chairs?

A. The Session wanted to donate the old chairs to our PCA church plants and also churches and ministries in our city. Church of the Resurrection, our church plant in Flagstaff, has just acquired a church building and is remodeling. They are receiving 300 of thegreen chairs. In addition, we committed to giving chairs to Wycliffe and also a new crisis pregnancy ministry starting locally. Corazón Ministries has offered to receive the remaining chairs to distribute to Hispanic churches in the South and West sides of town.


Q. How will I know how much to give?

A. The Bible says, “Every man shall give as he is able, according to the blessings of the Lord, your God, which He has given you.” (Deuteronomy 16:17) Pray daily and allow God to open your heart and direct you about your commitment. Through prayer and personal assessment, you will know what to give.


Q. What about my regular giving?

A. Your commitment to Buy-A-Chair should be an amount God leads you to give over and above your regular tithe. We must maintain our giving to the operating budget so that day-to-day church operations will be unaffected.


Q. Will my contribution be made public?

A. No. Absolutely not. Only the total of all commitments received will be announced on Celebration Sunday, Oct 13, 2013.


Q. What is the Calendar of Events?

Sep8………..Kick-Off Sunday
Oct 6 ……….. Commitment Sunday
Oct 13 ……… Celebration Sunday
Nov 10……….Commitments Due


Q. I still have questions. How do I get those answered?

A. There are a few options:

1. Be in a worship service every Sunday in September;
2. Visit the church website at;
3. Call the church office at 615- 8500 x107 or check with any of the pastors, deacons, or elders.

Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, to Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever. Amen.
Ephesians 3:20-21