News at CFC

Ministry in Full Swing!


Our elders, deacons, staff and volunteers are enthusiastically engaged in the many Christ-honoring endeavors of CFC. We sense that God is renewing us as a church family even while we search for a new lead pastor. Our Lord has blessed us with the exceptional preaching ministry of our interim Pulpit Supply pastor, Charles Garland.  It is very clear that there is a growing unity at CFC as we mutually acknowledge our dependence upon Jesus to build His church. As we continue to touch lives for Jesus, we ask for you to pray that the Lord would give us wisdom in the shepherding of the church and the financial recourses to fund our various ministries.


Because giving generally drops during the summer months, we encourage our members and friends to continue to contribute to our Operating Fund during this time.


Mortgage Payoff Campaign!


We are excited to give you some encouraging news about our Freedom Impact Fund Campaign, also known as our Mortgage Payoff Campaign.

Since its inception 7 months ago, through your faithful generosity, CFC has accumulated $733,000 through this campaign! This breaks down as follows: Parking Lot resurface - $50,000; Missions - $61,800; and Mortgage Payoff - $621,200. Thank You!


In 2017 we paid down our mortgage by $200,000, and our 2018 goal is to exceed another $1,000,000 or more. Wouldn’t it be great if we could eliminate this $1,900,000 liability altogether!


Did you know you can gift appreciated assets held for more than one year, such as publicly traded stocks, and receive a charitable tax donation for the full value of this asset? By doing so, you can avoid capital gains tax. Leno Petteys can help with any questions regarding the transferring of stock. (820-2261)


Did you know that if you have Required Minimum Distributions up to $100,000, these non-taxable funds can be distributed annually to charities through a Qualified Charitable Distribution – like CFC?


General Operating Fund Challenges:  We also want to draw your attention to the day-to-day funding needs of the church. Though the generosity of the congregation has been evident in the Freedom Impact Fund Campaign, we are experiencing a period where the General Operating Fund is being depleted too quickly. The staff is working hard to constrain spending and is well under budget, but the expenses of keeping the church operating are exceeding the giving in a significant amount.  God has always protected our church financially during the slim summer months, but frequently we have seen His working through the exceptional generosity of our congregation. Please prayerfully consider special contributions to the CFC General Operating Fund in addition to the Freedom Impact Fund during this very important year.


Your faithfulness and commitment to the family and mission of CFC during this season means so very much!


On behalf of all church leadership, we love and appreciate you!

Executive Leadership of the Session