Important Congregational Business Meeting

Important Congregational Business Meeting

The Session has called a special congregational business meeting on Sunday, December 10, 2017, at 12:30 pm, to approve two items of necessary business at Catalina Foothills Church, as follows:

1. Approve the number and composition of the Search Committee for a new Lead Pastor at Catalina Foothills Church, to serve from December 10, 2017 until the employment search for a pastor is concluded.
2. Approve and issue the call of Paul Utnage to serve as Associate Pastor at Catalina Foothills Church PCA.

Approval of Pastoral Call

Our Executive Pastor, Paul Utnage, has been involved in the ordination process with the Arizona Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church in America. One part of that process is for a congregation to approve and issue his call to the ministry with the PCA as an Associate Pastor, along with his current service at Catalina Foothills Church.

Please note this approval and issuance of a call to ministry for an Associate Pastor is different from the approval of the Search Committee for a new Lead Pastor.

Approval of Search Committee

The congregation recommended a number of individuals for service on the Search Committee. The Session reviewed these recommendations, interviewing several individuals concerning their availability and fulfillment of the stated qualifications for the team. After these conversations, the Session has nominated seven people at the time of this writing—two elders and five members-at-large—to serve on the Search Committee from December 10, 2017 until the employment search for a pastor is concluded. We hope to add one more member-at-large before the congregational business meeting. The Session will also appoint one staff member to sit on the Committee as a non-voting attendee.

We are grateful that these men and women are willing to serve in such an important role. The current nominations are as follows: Don Adams, David Bury, Natalie Carey, Shelle Ensio, Herman Pieterse, Susan Stroble, and Mike Vick. We will post biographical information about the proposed candidates for the Committee onto the church’s News website. Simply scroll down to the bottom of the homepage in order to click on the News item.

Please pray about these men and women as candidates who fulfill the stated qualifications. If you have any questions concerning this process, please feel free to ask any elder or staff member.

In His Care,

The Session—Don Don Adams, Allen Cooney, Don DeWoody, Mark Ensio, Paavo Ensio, Walter Hoge, Ron Hutchings, Jerry Kindall, Winston Maddox, David Mehl, Tod Newman, Herman Pieterse, Bob Reilly, Dennis Spencer, Louis Stroble, Todd Vanden Branden