Church Survey

As the first step in our search process for a new Lead Pastor, we will survey our congregation to get an insightful picture of our church’s vitality and perspectives. Your input is important to us. Please be sure to participate to create this helpful picture.

On Sunday, October 29, we will shorten our worship services by ten minutes to give every Catalina Foothills family member—every member, regular church attender, new and tenured, student and adult—the opportunity to complete a 50+ question survey. Surveys will be passed out to everyone in both worship services. You’ll be able to finish the survey at church so you won’t have to return it to the church. If you must complete the survey at home because of your travel or business schedule, please return the survey to the church office by Wednesday, November 1. If you cannot attend worship service on October 29, please stop by the church office to complete a survey between October 29 to November 1. This is a great opportunity for you to be part of the search process.

We are excited to start our process to discover Christ’s guidance for a new Lead Pastor at Catalina Foothills Church. Here are some helpful insights into the upcoming process.

What is the purpose of the search process?

The purpose of our search is to hire a new Lead Pastor who confidently hits the ground running because of our strategic employment process and preparation. The Lead Pastor will fit the responsibilities, culture, and relationships that fit the church’s vision and congregation.

What is the purpose of the congregational survey?

First, the congregational survey assesses the congregation’s hopes about the responsibilities of the new Lead Pastor. The Session will finalize the job description of the new role after the congregation provides this input. Second, the survey creates a helpful snapshot of the church’s vitality and perspectives about ourselves. We will be able to use this insight to help potential candidates understand our Catalina Foothills family in a clear and accurate way. Third, we will also be able to use this insight to plan helpful opportunities to develop children, students, and adults to “be disciples who make disciples.”

What are the main steps in the search process for a new Lead Pastor?

Seven major steps will be prayerfully pursued in the search process:

1. Gather input about the perspectives of the congregation.

2. Develop the profile and responsibilities for the new pastoral position.

3. Create the Search Team and post the position.

4. Assess the fit of potential candidates.

5. Call a new Lead Pastor through the congregation’s formal vote. 

6. Presbytery determines whether to accept the candidate.

7. Help a new pastor’s family become a beloved part of the church family.

Will the congregation know the specific steps of the search process?

Yes. After the congregation provides input in the church survey, the Session and staff will post every specific step in the search process on the church website so that every member can easily peruse the process. The first step—your involvement in the survey—is essential for an accurate, clear picture of the congregation’s hopes and insight.

What is the congregation’s involvement in the search process?

The search process for our new Lead Pastor will be quite participatory. The congregation will be involved in several aspects of the search:

  • From October 29 through November 1, the congregation will complete the first survey/assessment so that many people are represented in the creation of the job profile for the position.
  • In November, church members will participate in the suggestions and voting approval for Search Team members.
  • The congregation will interact with potential candidate(s) for the position after the Search Team and Session present a candidate for consideration.
  • Church members will vote to approve a candidate who is presented by the Session for the position.

What is the Presbytery’s involvement in the search process?

As a member of the new Arizona Presbytery of the PCA, we will continue to inform the Presbytery of each major decision and progress in our search. The Presbytery will be involved in earlier interviews of potential candidates, as well as the final candidate’s process.

So watch for new updates about our search process on the church’s website and weekly newsletters. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to be part of the initial step in the search process on October 29.

Norah Rein Retirement Party

Join us after the second service this Sunday (October 22) to celebrate the retirement of Norah Rein. Miss Norah has faithfully served in our nursery for twenty years and we are so grateful for her precious heart. We will have cake, and you may bring a gift or card to bless Miss Norah.

Pictorial Church Directory

We are getting ready to create a new pictorial church directory. You’re important to us. So we need you to help make it complete.

We’re working with Lifetouch Directories and Portraits, a professional photographer’s company ( who work with church directories. Our directory will showcase our families, provide contact information, and become a useful resource to keep us connected. We would like to include you in our pictorial listing.

There is no cost for having your professional picture taken. By participating in the project—by having your photo taken as an individual or family—you will receive:

  • A free printed and electronic version of the new directory
  • A free 8x10 photo
  • A great way to remember the names and families of new friends at church

You may purchase more photos, but it is not required. You can also purchase Christmas cards with your photo, if you’d like to do so. But again, there’s no cost for having your professional picture for the directory.

Lifetouch has provided several opportunities for you to conveniently have your picture taken at the church building. They will be available at CFC on the following dates:

  • November 17-18
  • November 30
  • December 1-2
  • December 7-9

You will need to make an appointment for your professional photography session. It’s easy and simple. Schedule your appointment at the table in the church foyer on either Sunday, October 22, or Sunday, October 29. You may also call the church office, 615-8000, or Kay Tofel, 325-7118, for assistance to schedule your appointment.

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to connect with your church family. Our directory won’t be complete without you.

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